About Resolute

Our Story

Resolute was established to provide innovative engineering solutions for commercial clients and the United States Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. Our Leadership Team has worked in the Intelligence Community for many years and has a passion for providing solutions that directly result in keeping our nation’s critical intelligence data, and its citizens, safe and protected.  This same passion also serves our commercial clients, who face many of the same challenges.

Our Culture

Throughout their careers, the Leadership Team at Resolute knew that they wanted to work at a place that really valued their contributions and cared about their career ambitions, passions and personal interests. With the founding of Resolute, they had the chance to create the work culture they always wanted.

The Mission of our clients is always first, and we know that requires placing our employees first. At Resolute we strive to motivate a high performing workforce, reward and acknowledge achievements, foster a passion for technical excellence, and yet always appreciate work-life balance and encourage taking the time to have some fun.

We believe honor and integrity are the basis for all our actions, we are dedicated to achieving meaningful results for our customers as promised, and we are committed to the success of our team, both personally and professionally. This is what it means to be Resolute.

Plain and simple – we love what we do, we are passionate about our work, and we are committed to helping our people and customers achieve success in all they do.